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Sibling Distillery

Sibling Distillery

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Lemon & Rosemary Gin - As with our original gin, this spring edition gin is 100% made from scratch to the Sibling quality, then infused with fresh lemon zest and rosemary. This is the perfect gin for a spring G&T, served with a slice of lemon and lots of ice.
These gins are flavoured and coloured naturally, so over time the colour may fade. Shake before use if left untouched for a long period. This bright, zesty spring edition gin is the perfect drink for an early evening G&T, made using hand prepared lemon zest and fresh rosemary sprigs along with a complex botanical mix. Like all of our gins it is triple distilled before the zests and herbs are infused, post distillation. This brings a real hit of natural lemon flavour, followed by a soft, savoury hint of rosemary taking the edge off the natural sweetness.

Like all of our seasonal gins, this is still full gin strength and made to be mixed – have some fun with cocktails and G&Ts with this perfect aperitif gin.

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