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Scapa Skiren Sk04

Scapa Skiren Sk04

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Scapa Skiren Single Malt Whisky is exclusively matured in 100% First-Fill American Oak Casks.

Which impart a smooth creamy sweetness, a hint of tropical fruit, citrus and coastal heather.

This whisky is a Coastal Maritime Whisky. See what other drams we have that may take your fancy try our whisky by taste selection.

The word Skiren is Old Norse and means, glittering, bright skies.

Scapa whisky Distillery.
Location, Island region, Orkney Islands.
Water source, Lingro Burn.
Located on the South-West of Kirkwall by the Lingro Burn.

The distillery founded in 1885 by Macfarlane and Townsend with John Townsend at the helm.

John Townsend later continued alone and also became a director of the Linkwood Distillery.

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