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Redbreast Cask Strength B1/11 57.7% 12 Year Old

Redbreast Cask Strength B1/11 57.7% 12 Year Old

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This pure pot still whiskey is triple distilled and matured for a minimum of 12 years in sherry casks and Bourbon barrels. Like all good pot still whiskeys, it is strongly flavoured and assertive.
Batch B1/11 is bottled at a Cask Strength of 57.7% ABV

Tasting Notes:

Nose: A fruit explosion. Figs, dates, ripe banana, sultanas, red apple and lime. Pot Still spices combine with the sweet vanilla and pine from the cask.

Palate: Deep, dried fruit, a touch of citrus with aromatic oils and spices, vanilla sweetnessleads to toasted oak and barley.

Finish: Exceedingly Long, rich complexity of spices and fruit, slowly fading through sweet butterscotch to barley.

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