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Jaffa Cake Rum

Jaffa Cake Rum

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The folks behind the excellent Jaffa Cake Gin have gone ahead and found a new partner for the classic orangey, chocolatey treat - rum!

Akin to its gin-based sibling, Jaffa Cake Rum is made with actual, no-fooling Jaffa cakes!

Alongside oranges, fresh orange peel and cocoa powder, this time it's been blended with Caribbean rum!

As it turns out, this is also an ideal combination - which shouldn't be too surprising, considering that chocolate plus rum and orange are both fab flavour combos.

However, when they all come together in Jaffa Cake Rum, it is spectacular!

Not only does it do very well in a Daiquiri, it also makes a mean Rum Old Fashioned, with only a splash of vermouth needed.

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