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Grant's 6 Year Old - Elementary Carbon

Grant's 6 Year Old - Elementary Carbon

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This unusual, award-winning blended Scotch whisky, explores the impact of carbon on whisky.

It is part of what William Grant & Sons call its ‘Elementary’ range, where a single ‘element’ from the periodic table associated with whisky production is explored.

With Grant’s 6 Year Old - Elementary Carbon, the distillery used heavily charred casks which bring aromas of toffee, raisin, chocolate, dark concentrated fruits, barbecued meat, and ashy soot. 

Providing us with a delicious sweet and smoky whisky.

It comes at a strength of 40% ABV and has been aged for 6 years. Symbolic of the position of carbon on the periodic table.
Grant’s Elementary also released Oxygen 8 Year Old and Copper 29 Year Old to explore the impact of oxygen and copper on the whisky

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