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Canadian Club 1858

Canadian Club 1858

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Canadian Club 1858 is a timeless and iconic Canadian whisky with a rich history dating back to its inception. Here are tasting notes to guide you through its distinctive flavour profile:

Golden amber with hints of copper, the liquid gracefully coats the glass, showcasing the whisky's well-aged character.

The aroma is a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy notes. Rich caramel and vanilla dance alongside subtle hints of maple syrup, creating a warm and inviting olfactory experience.

On the palate, Canadian Club 1858 offers a smooth and approachable taste. The initial sip reveals a delightful sweetness reminiscent of toffee and butterscotch, balanced by a gentle touch of rye spiciness. The mouthfeel is velvety, contributing to the whisky's overall easy-drinking nature.

Flavour Profile:
- Sweetness: Toffee, butterscotch and a touch of honey sweetness.
- Spice: Subtle rye spiciness adds complexity without overpowering the palate.
- Oak Influence: Mild oak notes contribute to the whisky's well-rounded character.

The finish is medium in length, leaving a lingering warmth with echoes of caramel and a subtle hint of oak. It invites you to savour the memory of each sip.

Canadian Club 1858 is a classic expression that embodies the craftsmanship of Canadian whisky. Its balanced flavour profile and smooth texture, make it a versatile choice. Perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks or as the foundation for classic cocktails.

Whether you're a seasoned whisky enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Canadian spirits, Canadian Club 1858 is a timeless choice that stands the test of time.

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