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Bushmills - Triple Distilled, Aged 10 years Single Malt

Bushmills - Triple Distilled, Aged 10 years Single Malt

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Bushmills 10-Year-Old Single Malt, a product of the Old Bushmills Distillery's triple distillation process, offers a refined and well-balanced tasting experience.

Presenting a warm golden hue, this whisky invites anticipation with its inviting colour, suggesting the maturation process has imparted rich complexities.

On the nose, there's a delightful fusion of fruity and malty aromas. Notes of ripe pear and green apple dance alongside a subtle vanilla sweetness. The triple distillation process shines through, offering a clean and crisp bouquet.

The palate unveils a harmonious blend of flavours. The maltiness takes centre stage, accompanied by a gentle touch of honey and toffee sweetness. The orchard fruits persist, complemented by a hint of nuttiness. The triple distillation contributes to a velvety texture, providing a smooth and approachable character.

The finish is medium in length, leaving a satisfying warmth. As the flavours linger, there's a gentle spiciness that adds depth to the overall experience. The oak influence becomes more pronounced, offering a subtle reminder of the whisky's 10 years of maturation.

Bushmills 10-Year-Old Single Malt is a testament to the artistry of triple distillation and careful aging. It strikes a fine balance between fruitiness, maltiness, and a touch of sweetness.  Thus making it a versatile and enjoyable dram for both enthusiasts and those new to the world of single malts.

Whether sipped neat or with a drop of water, this expression showcases the craftsmanship that defines the Bushmills legacy.

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