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Big Peat - The Taiwan Edition

Big Peat - The Taiwan Edition

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Bottled exclusively for TC alliance, Taiwan Limited edition of 600 bottles.

Big Pete The Taiwan Edition, is a unique and bold Scotch whisky that offers a distinctive sensory experience. This whisky pays homage to "Big Pete," a legendary Islay character known for his love of peaty Scotch. Here are the tasting notes for Big Pete The Taiwan Edition:

1. Appearance:
Big Pete The Taiwan Edition has a pale, golden hue in the glass, reminiscent of a late summer sunset over the Islay coast.

2. Nose:
The initial nosing reveals a powerful and unmistakable smokey presence, characteristic of Islay whiskies. Hints of peat smoke, seaweed, and a briny sea breeze come to the forefront. Beneath the smokiness, there are subtle notes of citrus zest and green apples, adding a refreshing touch to the aroma.

3. Palate:
On the palate, this whisky delivers an intense and rich peaty flavour that envelops the taste buds. The smokiness is robust and dominant, reminiscent of a bonfire on the beach. There's a lovely balance between the earthy peat and a gentle sweetness, offering notes of toffee and honey. As you explore further, you'll detect a touch of black pepper and a slight saltiness that evokes the sea.

4. Finish:
The finish of Big Pete The Taiwan Edition is long and warming. The smoky character lingers, leaving a lasting impression of ash and a hint of medicinal qualities, typical of Islay whiskies. It gradually softens into a more subtle, sweet note, providing a pleasant contrast to the initial smokey burst.

5. Overall:
Big Pete The Taiwan Edition, is a whisky that caters to the adventurous palate of peat lovers. It stays true to its Islay roots, offering a robust and complex smokiness, that is both invigorating and soothing. The balance between the peaty punch and the underlying sweetness, creates a harmonious and memorable tasting experience. It's a whisky that showcases the artistry of Islay distillation and captures the essence of its namesake, "Big Pete."

This special Taiwan Edition of Big Pete, brings a touch of the exotic to the classic Islay profile.  Thus making it a must-try, for whisky enthusiasts looking to explore the diverse world of peated Scotch whiskies.

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