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Benriach Tawny Port 15 year old

Benriach Tawny Port 15 year old

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Benriach Tawny Port 15-Year-Old, is a unique single malt Scotch whisky known for its maturation in tawny port casks. Here are tasting notes to help you appreciate the distinctive flavours of this expression:

Benriach Tawny Port 15-Year-Old displays a rich, deep amber colour, indicating its maturation in tawny port casks.

1. Orchard Fruits: The nose opens with an abundance of orchard fruits, such as ripe apples and pears, creating a vibrant and inviting bouquet.
2. Tawny Port Influence: Prominent notes of tawny port wine emerge, with hints of dried fruits, figs, and raisins, showcasing the impact of the cask.
3. Vanilla and Oak: A subtle hint of vanilla and well-integrated oak, contribute to the overall complexity, offering a harmonious balance.

1. Fruitful Symphony: The palate delivers a delightful fruit symphony, with flavours of red berries, plums, and a touch of cherry. These notes are rich and succulent.
2. Tawny Port Sweetness: The influence of tawny port is pronounced, adding a luscious sweetness, reminiscent of caramelized sugar and dark syrupy fruits.
3. Oak Spice: A gentle spiciness from the oak complements the fruitiness, adding depth and complexity.

1. Long and Fruity: The finish is long and fruity, with the tawny port sweetness and the ripe fruits lingering in a harmonious aftertaste.
2. Subtle Spice: A mild, warming spice lingers in the background, providing a comforting and satisfying conclusion.

Benriach Tawny Port 15-Year-Old, is a whisky that beautifully combines the rich fruitiness of tawny port, with the distillery's classic Speyside character.

Its robust and succulent fruit flavours, balanced by the sweetness of the port and the gentle oak spice, make it a distinctive and enjoyable dram. This expression is a testament to the art of cask maturation and is a fine choice for those who appreciate a fruit-forward and complex single malt Scotch whisky.

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