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Bells Queen's Mother 90th

Bells Queen's Mother 90th

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Bells Queen's Mother 90th is a limited edition blended Scotch whisky crafted to celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. Here are tasting notes to savour the flavours of this commemorative whisky:

Bells Queen's Mother 90th presents a deep, rich amber colour, hinting at its maturity and the regal character within.

1. Fruity Elegance: The nose opens with a burst of fruity notes, featuring ripe orchard fruits like apples and pears, creating a fresh and inviting bouquet.
2. Sherry Influence: Hints of sherry cask influence become evident, with rich dried fruits like raisins and figs, adding depth and complexity.
3. Toffee and Spice: Subtle toffee and warming spice notes emerge, providing a comforting and balanced aroma.

1. Rich Orchard Fruits: The palate continues to highlight the luscious orchard fruits, with flavors of apples and pears taking center stage. These notes are crisp and refreshing.
2. Sweet Sherry: The sherry influence becomes more pronounced, contributing a dark, syrupy sweetness and a subtle nuttiness.
3. Spiced Oak: A mellow spiciness from well-aged oak adds a layer of complexity, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

1. Lingering Sweetness: The finish is long and sweet, with the orchard fruits and sherry notes lingering on the palate.
2. Warm Oak: The oak influence is enduring, with a gentle warmth and complexity that adds to the whisky's depth.

Bells Queen's Mother 90th is a whisky crafted with precision and respect for a significant moment in British history. It celebrates the enduring legacy of the Queen Mother, offering a delightful tasting experience, with its harmonious blend of fruitiness, sherry influence, and oak complexity.

This limited edition Scotch whisky is a fitting tribute to a remarkable life and a celebration of the finest in whisky craftsmanship.

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