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Bas-Armagnac Delord 15 years Old

Bas-Armagnac Delord 15 years Old

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Bas-Armagnac Delord 15-Year-Old is a distinguished and well-aged Armagnac brandy. Here are tasting notes to appreciate the flavours of this fine spirit:

Bas-Armagnac Delord 15-Year-Old boasts a deep amber colour, reflective of its extended aging and the richness of its character.

1. Rich Dried Fruits: The nose opens with an abundance of rich dried fruits, such as figs, prunes, and dates, creating a sweet and complex bouquet.
2. Oak and Spice: There's a notable presence of well-aged oak, accompanied by subtle spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, adding depth and warmth to the aroma.
3. Caramelized Sugar: A caramelized sugar note emerges, providing a hint of sweetness and a touch of toffee.

1. Luscious Fruit Compote: The palate offers a delightful fruit compote experience, with flavors of dark, syrupy fruits, along with a gentle nuttiness and hints of orange zest.
2. Vanilla Cream: A creamy vanilla character develops, delivering a smooth and slightly sweet quality that harmonizes with the fruitiness.
3. Oak Complexity: The influence of oak is profound, with layers of complexity that include a mild spiciness and an earthy, woody character.

1. Long and Luxurious: The finish is long and luxurious, with the rich dried fruits, oak, and spices persisting in a harmonious and satisfying aftertaste.
2. Nutty Resonance: Subtle nutty undertones carry through to the finish, adding a pleasant nutty resonance to the conclusion.

Bas-Armagnac Delord 15-Year-Old is a superb and mature Armagnac, showcasing the depth and complexity that comes with extended aging.

Its fusion of dark dried fruits, oak, and a velvety sweetness make it an exceptional choice for those who appreciate a well-crafted and indulgent brandy.

This spirit exemplifies the excellence of Armagnac production and is a delightful experience for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

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