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Auchentoshan Select

Auchentoshan Select

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Discontinued distillery bottling of Auchentoshan Select, no age statement Single Malt Lowland Whisky.

Auchentoshan Select is a versatile Scotch whisky known for its smooth and approachable character. Here are some tasting notes to help you appreciate the flavours of this fine selection:

Auchentoshan Select has a pale golden hue, glistening like straw in the glass, hinting at its light and inviting nature.


1. Citrus and Green Apple: The nose opens with vibrant notes of citrus, particularly lemon and lime, complemented by the crisp aroma of green apples. It’s a fresh and zesty introduction.
2. Vanilla: A subtle sweetness of vanilla underscores the citrus, providing a gentle and inviting quality.
3. Toffee and Caramel: Hints of toffee and caramel emerge, adding a comforting and slightly sweet dimension to the aroma.


1. Orchard Fruits: The palate delivers a medley of orchard fruits, featuring green apples, pears, and a touch of white grapes. These flavors are light and refreshing.
2. Creamy Vanilla: A creamy vanilla note develops, creating a smooth and balanced character with just a hint of sweetness.
3. Coconut: Auchentoshan Select offers a subtle hint of coconut, contributing to a tropical nuance and a creamy texture.


1. Light and Crisp: The finish is light and crisp, echoing the fruity and vanilla notes from the palate.
2. Short to Medium: The finish is of medium length, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a smooth and easy-drinking whisky.

Overall, Auchentoshan Select is a delightful and approachable whisky, suitable for those who enjoy a milder, fruit-driven, and easily enjoyable dram. Its citrus and orchard fruit notes make it a great choice for casual sipping, especially on warm days or as a base for cocktails.

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