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Ardbeg Fermutation Committee Release

Ardbeg Fermutation Committee Release

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Special Limited distillery committee only edition this Ardbeg Fermutation Committee Release. Distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2021.

8000 bottles in total.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Fresh, floral, herbal & tart. Hints of mixed herbs and cedar wood. Very zesty, vibrant, hints of smoked orange & grapefruit, lots of menthol & peppermint. With water, powerful bursts of diesel oil, tar, fresh paint and aniseed.
As this dies down, a memory of freshly cut hay, a touch of silage and the tiniest hint of something savoury, like yeast extract or bread dough.

Palate: A lively, vibrant, sharp, zingy texture, leading into very firm, distinctive flavours Ð malty/biscuit tones, powerful aniseed, cardamon, antiseptic lozenge, sweet mint toffee and cigar ash.

Finish: Finally, a lingering, salty, firm aftertaste of mint, tar, oak tannin & leather.

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