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Ardbeg Arrrrdbeg Committee Release

Ardbeg Arrrrdbeg Committee Release

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After 13 years at the helm, Ardbegs legendary Distillery Manager and Committee Chairman, Mickey Heads is departing. It’s true, the captain of the good ship Ardbeg is retiring. Mickey’s leaving has been hard to fathom for all of the crew, but to commemorate the skipper and his service, Ardbeg have created an extra-special bottle of Ardgrog – a treasure fit even the saltiest of seadogs.

Wholly matured in ex-rye casks, timber smoked BANANA and PEAR drift into VANILLA and RYE on the nose. A spicy mouthful hoists up and ignites a blunderbuss of Fruity FLAVOURS.
An armada of aniseed is tailed by smoked TOFFEE and a distant hint of sourdough biscuits. The long finish lingers, with gentle SMOKE listing on the palate.

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