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Ardbeg Ardcore Committee Release

Ardbeg Ardcore Committee Release

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This Ardbeg Ardcore Committee Release is the 2022 Ardbeg Day release.

Created with roasted black malt, roasted to the extreme, this spirit is all about what happens up front – centre stage.

The malt is what defines its distinctive profile. Described as tasting like “biting on a spiky ball”, Ardcore is a dram that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Spicy and savoury, Ardcore grips the senses with waves of marmite, burnt toast, chicory charcoal and infused coffee grounds

Palate: jaw dropping spicy and fiery mouthfeel leads to an explosion of rich, smoky flavours cocoa powder, dark chocolate, peanut brittle toffee, smoked lime and a suggestion of soot and bonfire embers.

Finish: sweeter finish, long, lingering notes of treacle toffee, soot and smoke make for an anarchic, but delicious, aftertaste.

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