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Ardbeg 1978 Bottled 1997

Ardbeg 1978 Bottled 1997

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A very rare Ardbeg 1978 Limited Edition Bottled 1997. This is the Inaugural First Release of the 1978 vintages, bottled shortly after the relaunch of the Ardbeg single malt brand by its new owners (Glenmorangie plc).

Please note Damage: Scuffed box

Nose : There is an unmistakeable Bourbon oakiness to this dram and in combination with the peat offers something that flies off the scale EXTRAORDINARY. Although the malt can be detected, it is rather powerless against the surging of PEAT and bourbon.

Palate : The brilliance of this whisky is its ability to show genuine SUBTLETY and poise, yet leave no-one any doubt of its origin and intension. As well as a very RICH, almost grassy, malt and some well-groomed oak, there are delicious hints of ROAST COFFEE and HICKORY.

Finish : This CLASSIC among classic ARDBEGS  the balance of the nose and the palate is exactly how ARDBEG should be and the finish is MAGNIFICENT. A real depth of CHARACTER. Keep on the palate for as long as possible to magnify the sweetness and complexity.

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