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Ardbeg 1975 Signatory

Ardbeg 1975 Signatory

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This very rare Single Cask Ardbeg 1975 Vintage 18 year old was bottled at Cask Strength by Signatory in 1993.

Distilled at Ardbeg Distillery on 05.06.75

Bottled : 07.93

Cask No : 2462

Bottle No: 108 of only 260

Ardbeg 1975, Vintage 18 year old, bottled by Signatory in 1993, is a whisky of remarkable distinction. This aged Islay spirit exudes a rich, amber hue that embodies the wisdom of time.

Upon nosing, it captivates with a complex array of aromas. The signature Ardbeg peat smoke is there, balanced with notes of dried fruits, toasted oak, and hints of vanilla. It's a harmonious combination that promises a deep and layered tasting experience.

The first sip is a journey through a spectrum of flavors. A velvety texture carries you through smoky waves, followed by flavors of honeyed malt, dark chocolate, and a gentle undercurrent of spice. As it develops on the palate, a delicate smokiness emerges, complemented by a refined warmth that persists into a long, contemplative finish.

Ardbeg 1975, Vintage 18-year-old, bottled by Signatory in 1993, is a true masterpiece, reflecting the essence of Ardbeg's character and the artistry of time. It offers a tasting experience that's as profound as it is elegant, making it a remarkable expression for whisky connoisseurs.

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