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Amrut Two Continents 2nd Release

Amrut Two Continents 2nd Release

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A rare Second Release of Amrut Two Continents, was matured in India before the casks were moved to Europe to spend another three years maturing.

Tasting Notes:

NOSE : Suet pudding  spotted dick. Some oils and banana milkshake, too

Palate: Voluptuous delivery. A stunning meeting of juicy barley, soft fruits and delicate yet persistent spices; a light oiliness helps the more complex notes glide to all parts of the palate. While some muscovado sugars make light of any oaky encroachment; the middle ground heads dowards chocolate milkshake

Finish: Long with the slowest build up of oaks on record. The spices continue to flit and fizz and finally vanilla takes hold

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