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Amrut Immediate Sherry

Amrut Immediate Sherry

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A rare Amrut Immediate Sherry

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Printer's ink, dark fruit leather, cocoa, nuts, graham, citrus peel, olde candy, leather, candied blueberries and spice. This is a brooding aroma, a heavy sulking thing that lumbers through the senses.

Palate:Ink, iodine, sticky dried dark fruit, malt, cocoa, candied citrus, baking spice, blueberries, ashy char and some nutty notes. Compared to the heavy aroma, the palate is almost light. The Amrut Intermediate Sherry is balanced, bright, delicious, and far too easy to drink.

Finish:Long Dried dark fruit, spice, ash and nuts that fade out bright and elegant.

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