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Jura Tastival 2016

Jura Tastival 2016

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Limited Edition bottle of Jura Tastival 2016 Single Malt Whisky bottled exclusively for the Jura Whisky Festival. This 2016 Tastival expression is an experiment in finishing. As a result of using three specially selected sherry casks.

First of all an 11 year old Palomino Fino sherry cask. As well as a 15 year old 'Amoroso' Oloroso sherry cask. And finally a 30 year old 'Apostoles' Oloroso sherry cask.

Consequently this liquid has a unique flavour profile.
Nose : Hot creamy caramel, roasted hazelnuts, over-ripe pears and soft vanilla drift into play. Maple syrup, delicate aged Oloroso sherry and crushed almonds, all add to make this an opulent dram.
Palate : Master Blender Richard Paterson, tasted : Baked apple segments dusted with demerara sugar, cinnamon, kiwi fruits and hot mulled wine. A fusion of sun-dried sultanas, glazed pineapple and lemon verbena provides the perfect aftertaste.

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