"Why is the rum gone?"quote from Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirate of The Caribbean film franchise, well never fear we hear at whiskys.co.uk have a solution to the problem with our wide range of rums. 

Among our stock, we have some excellent local Yorkshire rums in stock to suggest to all you rum lovers out there in celebraton of World Rum Day marked on July 13th for 2024.

The day was created in 2019 by Spirit write of World Rum and Gin Guides, Paul Jackson. The day is traditionally marked for the 2nd Saturday of July each year and its intended to annually celebrate rum distillers, Bars, specialists and Rum Lovers. Coming to enjoy the ol` pirate liquor of choice. 

Here is a selection of our current rums that we think will become you new favourite. 

Rum Runners Dark Spiced Rum                                  £39.99  

A local distilled drak spiced rum from twisted roots distillery,  packed with a winter spice blend and home made burnt caramel. Notes of molasses, dark toffee, ginger and vanilla. Subtle hints of star anise, clove and cinnamon.

This is their sweetest and most heavily spiced Rum.
It contains a complex mix of spices that will excite your taste buds long after your first sip.
This is great straight up at room temperature or as a hearty addition to cocktails.

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Yorkshire Dales Intrepid Ram Oak Aged Golden Rum      £39.99

Maybe a golden run is more your speed lighter than a dark rum but still beautifully spiced and sweeter . Distilled with Yorkshire heather and honey before oak ageing. This is a beautifully uncomplicated rum, with subtle vanilla and chocolate notes.

Try the Intrepid Ram Golden Rum Today for yourself: Buy Here

Keynvor Cornish Spiced Honey Rum                                   £39.99

 Honey rum drink for the ocean-goers, the sailors, the watermen, the dreamers, stargazers and adventurers, with salt in their veins and a love of the sea. Wild storms to peaceful tranquility.

Keynvor spiced honey rum is matched to these contradictions. The sweet honey notes balance perfectly with salty seaweed umami tones, along with subtle flavours of saffron and spice.

We all feel the pull of the tides and a yearning for the ocean.
When we go back, we are going back from whence we came.

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Rum Dhu White                                                                £32.99

This Pure Cornish white rum is clean & unadulterated, free from additives, sugars and flavourings.  Light notes of toffee apples, vanilla & molasses, with a herbal quality that makes the drink oh so elegant.

White rum, can be a versatile spirit for mixing cocktails and is a staple in any well-stocked bar. It's also used in cooking for recipes that call for rum flavour without the deep, rich notes of aged rums.   Amazing with soda, lime or tonics, sipped neat with a cube of ice and a wedge of your favourite citrus fruit.

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These are some of our rum selection we know your going to love check out the full collection Here: Full Rum Collection Here  

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