On the 18th of May, whisky enthusiasts around the globe raise their glasses in celebration of one of the world's most beloved spirits—whisky. This cherished libation, with its rich history and diverse array of flavors, is honored annually on World Whisky Day. It's a day not only to savor the complex notes and aromas of your favorite dram but also to explore new expressions, learn about different distillation techniques, and share in the camaraderie of fellow whisky lovers worldwide.  

So we here at whiskys.co.uk have scoured our collection for some top picks to enjoy in celebration, with selections from all across the globe. 

Paul John Kanya  

Our first selection comes from India from the Paul John distillery based in Goa, on the western coast of India. the selection we wish highlight is from their award winning Zodiac series of the Kanya is a Limited Edition of only 1500 bottles. it was awarded Best Asian Whisky by Jim Murray's 2018 Whisky Bible.

This Whisky has been matured in American white oak casks for seven years. Kanya is named after the Indian equivalent to the Zodiac sign Virgo. People born under Kanya are believed to be patient, precise and observant.

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Nikka Sendai Miyagikyo Date

Just a short hop across the ocean to Japan for our next selection, Japan is a very popular whisky destitiantion and the product produced are often highly regarded by many whisky lovers. 

This Nikka Sendai Miyagikyo Date, is a blend of malt and grain whisky produced in a Coffey still at the Japanese Miyagiko Distillery.

It is named after the one eyed feudal warlord, Date Masamune, who ruled the area around Sendai during the early 17th Century.

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 Mackmyra 1st Edition

Heading back to Europe more specifically Sweden for our third selection of this article, Mackmyra a leading distillery in Scandinavian region present their 1st edition. 

This Mackmyra The 1st Edition Swedish Single Malt Whisky is bottled in 2008.

Tasting Notes:

The nose is fruity with citrus, pear, apple, honey, light oak with hints of lightly toasted bread and fresh, buttery caramel.  The flavour is fruity and subtle, with citrus, caramel and honey. A light hint of oak can be noted at the end.  The aftertaste is well-adjusted and balanced, with hints of dark chocolate. For optimal flavour.

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 Macallan A Night on Earth 

For our final 2 selections we head back to the home of whisky Scotland , and head to one of most famous and reconisable names in the whisky world of Macallan. The Speyside giants are known around the world as one of most expert distillers of whisky making any bottling a valuable & treasured selection to any whisky lover. 

The Macallan ,'A Night on Earth in Scotland' is a Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky that celebrates New Year in Scotland.

Tasting Notes:

Nose : Vanilla, butter rich, baked apple, baking biscuits, plum and almond.

Palate : Soft velvety sweetness reminiscent of shortbread with a rich mouth coating. Vanilla sweetness, with lightly toasted marshmallow, dried oranges, fig and cinnamon.

Finish : Medium finish with sweet butterscotch and freshly baked biscuits.

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Kilchoman Original Cask Strength 2009

Our final selection is one for peaty whisky lovers the original cask strength bottling from Kilchoman, The Islay distillery never fails to disappoint in flavour with that unmistakable peat that Islay whiskies are famous for. 

An early Kilchoman Original Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky distilled in 2009 and Bottled 2014. Provides flavours of lemon, sea breeze and roasted nuts in its aroma. On the palate nutmeg and honey with smokey peat accompanied by a long smoke, citrus and notes of baked potato, 

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