As May unfolds its petals and spring transitions into the warmth of early summer, oenophiles around the world eagerly await a day that fills their glasses with anticipation and their hearts with delight. Yes, it’s that time of the year again – National Wine Day is just around the corner, slated for the 25th of May, 2024.

For enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, National Wine Day isn’t merely a date on the calendar; it's a cherished occasion to raise a glass to the timeless art of winemaking, to revel in the diverse flavors and aromas that grace our palates, and to celebrate the rich cultural heritage intertwined with every bottle poured.

In this prelude to the grand celebration, let’s embark on a journey through the vineyards, exploring the essence of National Wine Day and the myriad ways in which it enchants and enthralls us. From the history of winemaking to the modern-day rituals of wine appreciation, join us as we uncork the magic and pour ourselves into the spirit of this joyous occasion.

So, dear readers, grab your favorite wine glass, uncork a bottle of your preferred vintage, and let’s raise a toast to the forthcoming festivities of National Wine Day 2024!

Here are some top picks for our selection:

 Cabernet Frank No.2 "The Aviary"          USA                      £12.99 

An old vine cabernet franc from Lodi region of California.  An adventurous delight, that is full, rich and dark; with a cherry fruit lift, A subtle smoky twist.  

Get you own here:

Artesa Organic Rioja                               Spain                    £13.99 

A family owned estate that grows the very best organically grown grapes sourced from the hillside vineyards of Rioj. With a Rich, ripe plum and cherry fruit combining with a twist of spice and gentle tannins taste, this is a beautifully full and balanced Rioja. 

Experience the Artesa Organic Rioja for yourself here:

Adobe  Gewürztraminer                         Chile                           £15.50 

Adobe is a line of organic reserve wines made with that commitment  throughout the process.  The nose offers floral aromas of jasmine, lychee, and honey notes. The floral notes reappear on the palate, along with apricot, and mandarin orange. medium bodied with good concentration and a refreshing ripe fruit finish.

Get yourself a bottle today:

Percheon Chenin Blanc                 South Africa                        £12.99 

A dynamic duo of grapes which combine perfectly to provide great mid week and party drinking. One of the best value for money South African wines we have come across. A creamy palate of fresh fruit apricots, nectarine and hint of passion fruit 

Endugle this Percheon today :


All these wines were tasted at our recent wine tasting event on the 11th May these were some of the big favourites of the evening. Keep you eyes peeled for our next wine tasting event later this year. 

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