Oak-aged symphony,

Sublime flavors unfold slow,

Whisky whispers peace.

On 17th April, It is International Haiku Day. A Japanese form of poetry consisting of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. So there is no better time to celebrate Japanese art of poetry with the art of Japanese whisky. 

Production of whisky in Japan started in around 1870 , but the first commercial distillery of Yamazaki was opened in 1923. Most Japanese whisky is produced to with major styles similar to traditional Scotch whisky. 

The first ever release of Japanese whisky was released in 1929, the Suntory Shirofuda, The three most famous Japanese distiller are Yamazaki, Nikka and Suntory. 

In 2024 Japanese whisky has new regulations that water, malt be sourced from Japan and now must be fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in Japan. Previously some of process or ingredients were imported and exported to capture a similar style to traditional Scotch whisky styles. 

Before the turn of the millennium the market for Japanese whiskys was almost entirely domestic until Whisky Magazine's awards named Nikka's 10 Year Old Yoichi Best of the Best in 2001. 

The number of distillers in Japan was very sparse as whisky production and consumption had drastically dropped since the 1970's. In 2008 Chichibu distillery was the first new distillery production license granted by Japan's government in 35 years. And when Shinshu Mars reopened in 2011, only 9 active distilleries still existed, but as demand of the market for new and existing Japanese whisky grew expediently, as of October 2022 there are estimated around 59 active distilleries in construction or planning. 

The next generation of Japanese whisky is on the horizon from a unique and cultured nation that defines artistry in everything they do. 

Tranquil bamboo grove,

Whisky whispers on the breeze,

Serenity found.

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