Releases 25th April 2024 

Sowing Edition for Lochlea reflects spring season on the farm when the seed is sown for the years barley crop. As the days get longer, and everything starts blooming, it's the perfect time to enjoy this bright and refreshing whisky matured in ex-Bourbon barrels. 

Like the First and Second Crops, Sowing Edition Third Crop has been matured in 100% first-fill Bourbon barrels.

If you've been following along with the releases of Lochlea's limited edition 'crops', you'll be familiar with the concept: 4 seasonal whiskies released each year that reflect the farming calendar. Sowing in Spring, Harvest in Summer, Fallow in Autumn and Ploughing in Winter.

The Third Crop of limited seasonal releases will mark the end of the trilogy.

Lochlea's Production Director, John, disscussed what's changed between the Second and Third Crop of Sowing: -Lochlea Newsletter (Source)

"Aside from the spirit being another year older (15 months to be precise), one of the main differences between our last Sowing Edition (Second Crop) and our new Third Crop is when the spirit was distilled. Second Crop was distilled in warmer months, whereas the new release in colder months.

Distillation during warmer periods results in more of a stewed fruit flavour, whereas in the colder months we see much more of a crisp, fresh fruit flavour – in the case of this spirit, delicious green apple and pear." -

Distillery Tasting Notes

Nose: Almonds, rose petals

Palate: White pepper, a vibrant burst of apple blossom, crisp pear

Finish: Warm straw, fresh grass

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 Releases 25th April 2024 

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