For May's whisky of month selection, We have selected the Lochlea Our Barley as our choice.

A wonderful expression that shows what Lochlea Distillery is all about. Lochlea is a relatively new distillery from the lowlands of Scotland founded in 2018.

The Our Barley is their core whisky expression that shows the world the fundamentals they use in distilling their whiskies. 

Our Barley Cask Breakdown

First Fill Bourbon 

Straight from Loretto, Kentucky. The fresh, first-fill Bourbon casks impart cream soda and golden syrup flavours. 

Oloroso Sherry

Sourced directly from Jerez, The oloroso sherry butts present flavours of Marmalade, Fruit bon bons and macadamia nuts. 


Procured from Jerez, the "shaved,toasted & recharred" barriques provide notes of peppery spice and rye bread. 

Distillery Tasting Notes

Nose: Pear Syrup, fruit bon bons, warm cut grass & marmalade.

Palate: Golden Syrup, pepper, rye bread, macadamia nuts & cream soda. 

Finish: Long finish with a lasting orange beeswax note. 

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