International Scotch Day is an annual event celebrated on February 8th, dedicated to appreciating and enjoying one of the world's most beloved spirits – Scotch whisky. This day provides whisky enthusiasts and novices alike with a perfect opportunity to delve into the rich heritage, distinct flavors, and craftsmanship that make Scotch whisky so special. In this blog, we will explore the significance of International Scotch Day and share some exciting ways to celebrate this delightful occasion.

1. The Significance of International Scotch Day:
International Scotch Day was established by Diageo, a leading producer of Scotch whisky, with the aim of honoring the legacy and cultural significance of this iconic spirit. It serves as a global platform to unite whisky lovers from all corners of the world, allowing them to come together and raise a glass to the timeless tradition of Scotch whisky-making.

2. Appreciating the Art of Scotch Whisky:
To truly celebrate International Scotch Day, it is essential to understand and appreciate the artistry involved in producing this exceptional spirit. Scotch whisky is made from malted barley, water, and yeast, and is aged in oak casks for a minimum of three years. The aging process imparts complex flavors and aromas, resulting in a drink that is cherished by connoisseurs worldwide.

3. Tasting and Pairing:
One of the best ways to celebrate International Scotch Day is by organizing a whisky tasting session. Gather a selection of different Scotch whiskies, ranging from single malts to blended varieties, and invite friends or family to join in the exploration. Encourage participants to note the various aromas, flavors, and textures of each whisky, and discuss their preferences and impressions. To enhance the experience, provide some food pairings, such as dark chocolate, cheese, or smoked salmon, which complement the distinct characteristics of Scotch whisky.

4. Cocktail Creations:
For those who prefer their whisky in a cocktail, International Scotch Day presents an opportunity to experiment with mixing flavors. Create your own signature Scotch whisky cocktail or try classic recipes like the Old Fashioned, Rob Roy, or Rusty Nail. The versatility of Scotch whisky allows for endless possibilities, and this day encourages creativity in mixology.

5. Whisky Education:
International Scotch Day also offers a chance to expand your knowledge about Scotch whisky. Dive into the history, production methods, and different regions of Scotland known for producing whisky. Explore the unique characteristics of Scotch whisky from various distilleries, and discover the stories behind iconic brands. Online resources, books, and documentaries can provide valuable insights and enhance your appreciation for this cherished spirit.

6. Visit a Distillery or Whisky tasting:
If you have the opportunity, consider visiting a local distillery or whisky tasting event to celebrate International Scotch Day. Take a tour, learn about the whisky-making process firsthand, and indulge in tastings guided by knowledgeable experts. Or why not immerse yourself in the ambiance of our whisky tasting event, surrounded by an extensive selection of Scotch whiskies to try.

International Scotch Day is a remarkable occasion to celebrate the heritage, craftsmanship, and flavors of Scotch whisky.

Here are some links to our most popular and most investable scotch whiskies we have to offer in store and online.

1. Hazelburn at Springbank 10 Year Old Cadenhead Rum Cask

A limited release Hazelebank that was distilled at Spring bank and matured in Rum Casks. Distilled in 2000. Bottled in 2011
Number of Bottles: 240

Tasting Notes:
Nose : The maturation in rum casks is immediately apparent. Banana notes, masses of rum and cane sugar and a very pleasant aroma of brand new shoes gives this dram an extremely enticing nose. 
Palate : Brilliant balance between cask and spirit. The rum aromas from the nose are repeated on the palate but complemented with rich liquorice and hints of leather. 
Finish : Pleasantly oaky with a sweet malty flavour.

2. Glenmorangie 10 Year Old Late 1990s

Discover the smooth and delicate taste of Glenmorangie 10 Year Old Late 1990s. This single malt scotch whisky is aged for a decade, resulting in a complex and refined flavour. The perfect addition to any whisky collection.

3. Torabhaig 2017 Legacy Series The Inaugural Release

From the exciting new distillery on the Isle of Skye, Torabhaig 2017 Inaugural Release is drawn from a select batch of 100 barrels, distilled and casked in early 2017. 
A Limited Edition, heavily peated Single Malt Whisky, made with Concerto malted barley with an in-grain phenols content of 55-60PPM!

Fermented with Pinnacle MG+ Yeast and aged solely in first-fill Bourbon Barrels.

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