One of the most famous whisky regions and some peninsula on the western coast of Scotland, that used to be known as the "whisky capital of the world" once used to be the home of over 30 distillerys but has rapidly decreased to currently 3 active distilleries, but interest in new and revival of campbeltown distilleries is ongoing with 2 new under construction and one awaiting confirmation . 

The decline of regions distillery's was it was creating whisky on mass but with so very poor quailty, which led to dissatisfaction of any whisky produced in the region and is cited as the reason the area is now so sparse of production. 

The 3 remaining distillery that remained open were Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle. their dedication to quality over quantity stood the test of time and are very well known names in whisky world for exceptional whisky. Some of casks of discontinued distilleries was sold off to independent bottlers but a rare and in-between. 

Despite the lack of distilleries the region hosts a festival in month of May , often coinciding with other whisky festivals at this time of year, The distilleries like others that attend festivals hold tasting events, tours , masterclasses and celebrations of whisky making.  Glen Scotia in particular release a special celebration festival bottling each year in late April in anticipation of the festival. 

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 Bottle Highlight: Springbank 10 Year Old 2022 Release 

Provides the perfect introduction to the Springbank range. Matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, it is complex yet perfectly balanced from the first sip through to the sweet, salty finish.

Distillery Tasting Notes:
Nose: A vibrant cereal note introduces our flagship Springbank dram, along with notes of gooseberries, mango, vanilla pods, grapes and honeycomb.

Palate: The fruit and cereal notes carry through to the palate in hints of oatmeal, malted barley and orange pulp. Heather honey, hard toffee, nutmeg and cinnamon notes develop.

Finish: A characteristic sea salt note rounds off this dram.

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