As is becoming tradition on this site we will deep dive into the history of the distillery that produces our selection of whisky of month, This months whisky was the Award winning Filey Bay Flagship.  At time of this blog release we will have just completed a tasting evening with Morgan a representative of Spirit of Yorkshire, which we are gracefully thankful for, If you attended i hope you enjoyed the evening. 

Spirit Of Yorkshire distillery is Yorkshire based distillery on the outskirts of Filey, and was founded in 2016, but idea of Yorkshires first whisky distillery was born in 2011, when Tom and Dave partners in owning Wold Top Ale Distillery knew they had the farm and barley. With that knowledge the next logical step was to create whisky. 

With almost 5 year of planning, due diligence and research the first stills ran and filled the first casks in summer 2016. They enlisted the expertise of late Dr. Jim Swan, a renowned and respected whisky distilling expert across the whisky industry, in the process of creating what will become a award winning series of whiskies. 

The motto or mantra of Filey Bay whisky is field to bottle, This means everything is done on site from growing barley, water sources used to distilling to bottling. All this leads to Yorkshire made whisky at every step of the way . 

Spirit of Yorkshire distillery were not messing around when they invested in two of largest Forsyth pot stills in UK outside of Scotland, while adding a four-plate copper column to the process which creates the unique variance of Spirit of Yorkshire creations. 

  They continue thier push for excellence that was awarded at the 2023 World Whisky Masters Competition with 7 Gold medals awarded.  

The prestigious medal winners were Filey Bay Flagship, Filey Bay STR Finish #3, Filey Bay Moscatel Finish #3, Filey Bay Port Finish #1, Filey Bay Sherry Cask Reserve #3, Filey Bay Double Oak #2 and Filey Bay Peated Finish Batch #3, which was praised by judges for its hint of “candied ginger” and “gentle smoky notes”.



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