As Father's Day approaches on June 16th, 2024, it's time to raise a glass and pay tribute to the dads who have left an indelible mark on our lives. For many, the bond with their father is as timeless and complex as the spirits they enjoy. In this special tribute, we embark on a journey through the world of whisky, navigating the vast landscapes of flavor, tradition, and craftsmanship to find the perfect expression of appreciation for Dad. Whether he's a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning his whisky adventure, join us as we explore the depth and diversity of this noble spirit, offering heartfelt recommendations and insights to help you celebrate Father's Day in style.

Something to consider when buying whisky as a gift Is the taste profile, every whisky is unique in it palate that is produced and some may not be too everyones liking, but mostly the only way to learn the palate is experimentation. One of biggest divides of palate is peated and non-peated whisky.  

Peated whisky is made when the barley is smoked over a moss fire, Its main characteristic is giving the resulting whisky a smoky taste in all the senses of whisky experience, Some example of whisky that is often peaty is Lagavulin, Laphroiag and Bruichladdich. 

Non-peated whisky does not smoky the barley and tend s to draw more of flavour charactristics from the casks it is matured in to complete it taste profile, Peated whisky do this as well but the peated barley adds a signature smokiness to the process. Example of non-peated are Macallan, Glenfiddich , Glenmornagie and Auchentoshan . 

while any distillery can create either style of whisky they tend to follow a guideline of most non-peated or peated depending on their preference. 

Here are a few of our top picks for your Dad to enjoy: 

We will start with some non-peated whiskies that any whisky enjoyer is going to love 

Annandale Man O' Words Double Oaked Ex Bourbon               £85.00

This exquisite non peated bottling from Annandale was a favourite of the night at a tasting evening we hosted with Annandale in late April. This also comes in a peated variant of this exceptional whisky, all Annandale's are bottled from single casks at cask strength so you get the full flavour of Annandale whisky. 

Distillery Tasting Notes:

Nose – Green, fresh ripe apples and pears with malty notes.

Palate – Smooth and subtle hints of vanilla with spicy notes. Caramac, butterscotch, barley sugars, caramel wafer biscuits, with toffee and oak.

Finish – Cooked and fresh green apple, cooked apples, short/med tannins, nutty/oily aftertaste.

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Lochlea Sowing Edition Third Crop                                 £55.00 

Sowing Edition for Lochlea reflects spring season on the farm when the seed is sown for the years barley crop. As the days get longer, and everything starts blooming, it's the perfect time to enjoy this bright and refreshing whisky matured in ex-Bourbon barrels. 

The Third Crop of limited seasonal releases will mark the end of the trilogy.

Distillery Tasting Notes

Nose: Almonds, rose petals

Palate: White pepper, a vibrant burst of apple blossom, crisp pear

Finish: Warm straw, fresh grass

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 Mossburn Aultmore 14 Year old                                       £89.99

Discover the richness and complexity of Mossburn Vintage Cask Aultmore 2008, 14 Year Old Single Cask.

Crafted with expertise and care, this single cask whisky offers a smooth and bold taste. Savour the distinct flavours and aromas, whilst indulging in a truly unique and satisfying experience.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Dried fruits, caramel, christmas cake and oak char. 

Palate: Sticky toffee pudding, orange peels, sweet spices and tangy berries. 

Finish: Sweet and Long 

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 And now on to some peated options 


Wolfburn Father's Day Edition 7 Year Old   £99.00

 The Wolfburn Father's Day Edition 7 Year Old is a limited release offering, with only 980 bottles available. Crafted with expertise, this 7 year old whisky boasts a smooth taste with hints of oak and spice. Perfect for celebrating Father's Day, this special edition is sure to impress any whisky connoisseur. 

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Sweet Fruit, Sea air, Lemon & lime zest with a hint of peat smoke 

Palate: Hints of honey and grapes, Soft Hazelnut & oak ,Hints of dried fruits and cinnamon.

Finish: Suprising sweetness, hints of Toffees and brown sugar come to foreground, with traces of peat for a lingering finish. 

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Kilchoman Coull Point                            £54.99

Discover the rich and complex flavors of Kilchoman Coull Point, a premium single malt Scotch whisky. Made with carefully selected ingredients and aged to perfection, this exceptional whisky offers a unique and unforgettable taste experience. Indulge in the expertise and precision of Kilchoman distillery and elevate your drinking experience.

Tasting Notes: 

Nose: Cooked Fruit, Strong Peat Aromas

Palate: Intense Sweetness , Soft mixed fruit. 

Finish: A classic Islay peat with a long lingering finish. 

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Filey Bay Peated   £65.00

The final selection come from one of our closest disttilery the Spirit of Yorkshire, and we have selected thier peated finish. The Peated finish was one of 7 filey bay whiskys to collect a gold award at the internatinal spirits awards in late 2023. 

Tasting Notes:

Light, sweet and coastal.

With flavours of vanilla, caramel, subtle peat smoke and citrus.

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If none of our picks quite hit the mark , we have a wide range of whisky avaible for all budgets, we can also provide gift vouchers so dear old dad can pick out his own.

If you want a truly unique experience we do monthly tasting events with experts and guest speakers from distilleries. 

Check out our schedule here Tasting Events

Cheers to Dad, and to the cherished moments shared over a dram of fine whisky.

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