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Ballantine’s 17 Year Old 1980’s

Ballantine’s 17 Year Old 1980’s

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A very rare bottling of Ballantine’s 17 year old we believe to be from the 1980’s or possibly late 1970’s.

Ballantine's 17-Year-Old Scotch whisky from the 1980s is a unique and sought-after vintage expression. Here are some tasting notes to savour the flavors of this exceptional whisky:

The Ballantine's 17-Year-Old 1980's displays a warm amber hue, hinting at its well-aged character and the influence of time.

1. Fruity Elegance: The nose opens with a burst of fruity elegance, featuring notes of ripe orchard fruits like apples and pears. This creates a fresh and inviting bouquet.
2. Subtle Spice: There's a touch of gentle spice, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, adding depth and complexity to the aroma.
3. Honeyed Sweetness: A delicate undercurrent of honeyed sweetness weaves throughout, providing a harmonious balance.

1. Orchard Bounty: The palate continues to highlight the orchard fruits, with flavours of apples and pears leading the way. These notes are bright and crisp.
2. Vanilla Cream: A creamy vanilla character develops, imparting a smooth and slightly sweet quality.
3. Subdued Oak: The influence of oak is more subdued compared to older expressions, contributing a softer and more refined oakey presence.

1. Elegant and Lingering: The finish is elegant and lingering, with the fruit and vanilla notes harmoniously persisting.
2. Subtle Spice: A gentle spice lingers in the background, adding a warming and comforting touch to the conclusion.

Overall, Ballantine's 17-Year-Old from the 1980's is a whisky that encapsulates the elegance and refinement of its era. The focus on fruitiness and subtle spice makes it a delightful and balanced dram, perfect for those who appreciate a smoother and lighter whisky profile. Its rarity and vintage charm make it a prized collectible for whisky enthusiasts.

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